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  • Post 2014

    My son was not sexually abused, he was bullied by one of the scout leaders and the membership secretary. She was the one who instigated the bullying but the other leader, or leaders were, more than happy to join in.

    The local association leader was absolutely rubbish at dealing with this and the bullying extended to our whole family from this. There was no point in complaining to them. So I had to complain to head office. It turned out that the membership secretary, was abusing her position in being in charge of the waiting list and there were a number of other complaints about needing to be nice to her to jump the waiting list to get in.

    The head office dealt with the complaint but did not follow their own procedures and, as a result of having complained, we were hounded out of the association.

    I was a guide movement member from when I was 6 yrs to when I was 30+ and did leadership as well as being a member. I was an outdoor activity leader with top roping and abseiling qualifications, mountain leadership, kayaking instructor and leader quals and offered all my expertise and leadership to the local group. I have also lead campfires and know many games, songs and skits. All this has been lost to the association due to the way my son was abused, and the scouts were rubbish at dealing with it, kicking out the abused not the abusers.