Trigger Warning

We’re very sorry but the stories being shared on our site are not suitable for Under 18s to access.

This site contains stories and experiences that people have submitted about abuse in a uniformed youth organisation. Some of these stories may be distressing or triggering. Please click the button below to confirm that you are over 18 and want to access this website.

If you are under 18 then please visit our support page.


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Meet the Team

We are founded and led by a group of individuals with lived experience of abuse whilst members of The Scout Association. You can find information about those of us who have waived our anonymity on this page.

The team are incredibly passionate about supporting survivors of abuse and protecting children from abuse, as part of the campaign we will be looking to provide sessions from professionals around issues such as dealing with trauma and safeguarding information sessions for parents.

Young Indian woman in her mid twenties smiling slightly, with square black glasses and short hair

Sheanna Patelmaster



Lucy Pincott

Mitchell Clarke

Good Law Project

Good Law Project is a not for profit campaign organisation that uses the law to hold power to account, protect the environment, and ensure no one is left behind. GLP has a history of supporting abuse victims to speak out and defend themselves, having recently won a case supporting Nina Cresswell, a #MeToo survivor, who was sued for defamation for naming the person who sexually assaulted her. The court held, making new law, that naming an attacker publicly, in order to protect others, was a public interest defence to defamation proceedings. Good Law Project wants survivors of abuse at the hands of The Scouts to feel able to come forward and be confident that the law will protect and not silence them.