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  • Post 2014

    I have been a leader for 30 years. I have seen attitudes change, and practices considered normal 30 years ago are nowadays, quite rightly, frowned upon.

    I reported a Leader through the Scout Safeguarding process, I specifically requested that they made sure a certain Police Officer was not part of the investigation. The day after I made the complaint, the subject called me out for making the complaint. Nothing happened. He still involved, and I am aware of other accusations made against him.

    I had an issue with a Scout with a mental health issue. We were abroad at the time. I followed the Scout Association procedure to the letter. On returning home, I found that I had to speak to one of the parents as there had been no contact from Social Services, and the subject could/ should not have gone back home without his mother being aware of the issue.

    I have since made a couple of reports, and I would say to anyone in Scouts or Guides, if you have any concerns about the safeguarding of a child at the hands of a Leader, make your complaint through the NSPCC, do not use the Scout process.

    The Scout Safeguarding system can be misused, and Leaders can and do close ranks because no one wants to think of their friend as an abuser.

    When I left Scouts, I was inundated with messages from other leaders who had been subject to bullying and intimidation. My message to anyone is that bullying and intimidation and any form of abuse have no place in society, never mind Scouts.