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  • Sexual Abuse

    I wasn’t in scouts but I was in girl guides. However we did go to camps where we would be sharing the site with others, sometimes other guides and sometimes scouts. We were on a camp with a few other groups there, I can’t remember how many but most of them were scouts. I remember one of the scout leaders chatting to our guide leader asking if anyone wanted to do flags in the morning just normal chat and I was standing with her. He asked my name and age. I told him I was 11 and he made a comment about how young I looked for my age. This wasn’t abnormal everyone said it because I looked significantly younger than all the others in our group. we went to bed and i remember waking up and needing to go to the toilet. The toilets were at the other side of the site so I got up and put my wellies on and walked over. I entered the bathroom and I had been followed in. I just remember being pushed and held down against the sinks. I don’t know how long it lasted but it probably was a lot shorter than i remember. He told me if I told me that it was my fault for walking in the dark at night on my own and I should have brought someone with me. I walked back to the tent and got into my sleeping bag and I was in so much pain and felt so ill. I don’t remember sleeping but in the morning I didn’t want to get out of the tent. My leader came to speak to me and when she got me out of my sleeping bag she thought I had started my period because of the blood on my pyjamas. I didn’t know her very well because I had just moved up to this guides from brownies and I just didn’t say anything. The scouts left the camp site before us and I just felt numb the rest of the time. I moved to a different guide group after to the leaders that ran my brownies I was close with. I didn’t want to go to camps were we were with other groups and I hated wearing the uniform.