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  • Sexual Abuse

    My ex husband was a Cub Scout leader in the late 60’s and early 70’s in a pack while he was serving in the xxx in xxx. I discovered later that the xxx had dealt with him 4 times for peadophilia with boys around 8+. Prior to being a cub leader in mid 60’s while stationed in Location 1, in Location 2 in the 60’s after that, again in Location 3 whilst a cub leader, which he suddenly resigned from, and again, not then a cub leader, in the 70’s in Location 4. The latter because by then I’d got my suspicions and reported him to the civilian police. Who again merely warned him off. He had always been violent towards me, but I couldn’t deal with what I suspected, correctly, he was up to. I was in real fear of my life when I reported him, but like a lot of bullies he then ran away abroad. I’d got two young children, I was always concerned that he would assault my son. Fortunately there was no further contact with him and I divorced him. I have no doubt that he would have continued with his behaviour and I always felt frustrated that he was getting away with it time and time again, but there was nothing else I could do after reporting him to the police.