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  • Sexual Abuse

    In 1964 I was the Troop Leader of a scout troop in ****. I loved scouting and enjoyed every aspect of my role which being a senior member meant mentoring the younger scouts. I was approached by a 12 year old boy who had been in my patrol who wanted to confide in me. The ASM had been taking him away in his car after scout meetings and sexually abusing him. The scout just wanted it to stop not get anyone into trouble. I reported my concerns to Skip, the scoutmaster. He said, ‘Leave it with me, I’ll deal with it.” And nothing happened. My young scout came back asking why he was still being abused (forced to have oral sex with the ASM in his car). Again I asked Skip to get it stopped. Again nothing. I resigned in disgust and have felt guilty ever since that I didn’t do more to protect my young scout.