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  • Sexual Abuse

    In 1951 at 11 years of age I was a member of the school scout troop and went away to summer camp.
    My experience of sex was limited to asking a friend “When you say a naughty word does your penis sometimes get hard?”
    My first night in a tent was quite exciting with older boys telling “dirty” jokes and showing some nude pictures and playing with themselves and getting me hard too.
    Great sex education as I was taught how to wank and toss off others.
    It seemed great fun and rather naughty.
    One of the most friendly boys asked me if I would like to be his “bum boy”. He made it sound very special.
    The following afternoon he invited me for an adventure following the stream passing the camp. We passed through overgrowing vegetation until reaching a private spot. “This is good for a bum boy” he said. “You can take your pants down and show me your bum” This seemed very naughty indeed especially when he asked me to bend over and stroked me. It gave me a little stiffy and he asked if I wanted to see his. We played with each other and he asked me if I was ready for the next part of the game. Of course I was and he asked me to bend over again. “Can you feel my cock in your butt – I am going to put it further” He then tried to insert his large cock into my anus. It hurt and would not go in but he was able to “shoot” warm “spunk” over me and praised me for being his bum boy. ” It’s our secret” he said “and you must not tell anyone.

    [Redacted comment referring to abuse not related to The Scout Association]

    About ten years ago I was responsible for developing the Child Safety Policy for our local sports club. It must be extremely difficult for an organisation such as the Scouts to provide the same level of protection for overnight camping