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  • Post 2014

    My child’s abuse took place from aged 8-11 ( 2012-2015 )and involved grooming and full on sexual abuse/rape and many other horrendous experiences including being held under water .

    She has been in hospital for 3 years due to trauma and has a diagnosis of Complex Ptsd . There are no words to begin describing the catastrophic effect on every aspect of her life.

    We were advised by police to focus on our child – rightly so- and to let them do their job. As far as we are aware the person/s continued to work with the Scouts ‘under supervision.’

    What is known about the scale of abuse is not even the tip of the iceberg-so many will have too poor mental health, be suicidal ( maybe having even completed suicide) or substance abuse to even be in a position to do anything at all, even reading about this or talking to someone . For so many it will cause emotional – and physical – suffering beyond comprehension.

    Abuse in Scouts seems systemic and in many cases accepted.

    So many phenomenally brave people on here, speaking their truth at last.