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  • Sexual Abuse

    My story happened in the 1970’s.

    I attended cubs as child and was abused by a so called leader on the way back from a camping weekend. He gave me a shiny red radio. He took me home in his own car and stopped on he way back in a layby on country road and there he talked to me about “fetching the milk” up and he removed my lower clothing to interfere with me and then got his penis out and tried to gt me to suck him.

    He told me to keep all of this secret between us .

    He then took me home and had the audacity to come in to have a cup of tea with my mother and to suggest that he might take me to the zoo some time.


    Subsdequently I was terrified of this happening again and was constantly on the look out for him whenever I was walking down the street. Luckily it never happened again as he died soon after. But never the less it has had a profoundly damaging affect on my life.


    I didn’t tell anybody at the time. But when I reached 16 and entered the 6th form, some of us students were having an adolescant conversation about sex and I blurted out me experience thinking it was relevant. But even that was a mistake because it just becamne a joke that I was taunted with on a daily basis during sixth form.